Continuous Power – 19kW (25hp)
MTOW – 75kg (165lbs)
Dry Mass – 34kg (75lbs)
Hover @ 34kg (75lbs) Payload – 1 hrs
Hover @ 23kg (50lbs) Payload – 2.7 hrs
Hover @ 4.5kg (10lbs) Payload – 6.4 hrs
Propellers – 91cm (36”)
Size (module to module) – 1.7m (5.6’)
Battery – 48V, 6200 mAh

All specs subject to change

Heavy Lift - Long Duration

Parallel’s Heavy Lift Platform is a radical UAS combining extreme heavy lifting and long duration. New (patent pending) Parallel Hybrid technology gives the platform the capability of lifting its own mass in payload (not including fuel) for over an hour. It is also fully redundant and can continue flying in the event of an engine failure. This opens new possibilities for unmanned logistics, search-and-rescue, firefighting, and heavy sensor applications. For more information and how we can serve your application, email